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Truck Covers USA American X-Box

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Brand Truck Covers USA

The American X-box is a combination of the American Roll Cover and a Line-X Premium Toolbox, and it is a deadly duo. The toolbox body is constructed from galvanized steel because of its high durability, and the lid is made from aluminum for its rustproof qualities as well as to keep the weight down for ease of operation. The entire unit is powder coated black to help protect the metal. The toolbox is constructed and finished with X-Line Premium, offering your toolbox the ultimate in abrasion, impact, and UV protection to keep your toolbox looking new for a long time. It is fade resistant with a long lasting luster that is easy to clean. The product is VOC free and environmentally friendly to boot! It will resist extreme impacts and abrasions as well as staining from harsh chemicals without cracking bubbling or peeling and it is engineered to be free of leaks, rust, and corrosion. American X-box is a must have for a working truck. 

The Roll Cover that comes with the toolbox is a retractable tonneau cover constructed from double walled aluminum, making it lightweight, durable, and extremely rust resistant. The cover top can support up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight, and it is finished with a black powder coat to help prevent scratching and other damage. The X-box is engineered to work on virtually every late model of pickup truck, and it is even compatible with accessories like Truck Bed Racks.

The cover and toolbox feature keyed locking for added security for your tools and cargo, and there is an option available for a keyless entry latch that can be accessed when the tailgate is lowered. For added ease of use, check out the Power Locking option that allows you to unlock the toolbox and tonneau cover from your truck's fob. Truck Covers USA even manufactures their own clamp mount system to ensure they are providing the most durable possible system. It installs quickly and easily with minimal drilling required, and the edges have an extra wide weather seal to help keep your cargo safe in all weather conditions. A 4-Way Flex Tube drainage system funnels the water away from the cover and off the edges of your truck for the ultimate in truck bed protection.

The tension spring allows the roll cover smooth operation, and there is a long pull strap so that you can open and close the cover without climbing into the bed of the truck. The cover locks in place every twelve inches, allowing you to carry a wide variety of cargo safely.

Due to the "build your own" style, there are a wide variety of Truck Covers USA accessories and upgrades available, including chrome handles, stainless steel toolbox trays, and LED light strips so you can customize the product to suit your needs. If you aren't sure how to measure your truck bed for fitting, check out our blog post!


  •  X-Line Premium Toolbox is abrasion, scratch, UV, leak, rust, and stain resistant
  • Won't peel, crack, or bubble
  • Deadly duo American Roll Cover and Line-X Premium Toolbox
  • Roll cover is constructed from double walled aluminum for longevity and light weight
  • Cover can support up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight
  • Compatible with nearly every late model pickup truck
  • Compatible with may truck bed accessories like Truck Bed Racks
  • Keyed entry for cover and toolbox
  • Keyless entry latch hidden behind tailgate
  • Tonnes of available accessories
  • 4-Way Flex Tube drainage system funnels water off of the tonneau cover
  • Extra wide seals keep your cargo dry
  • Tension spring provides smooth operation
  • Pull strap for cover use
  • Cover locks every twelve inches for safe transport of various cargo

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