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Truck Covers USA Power Locking Actuators


Brand Truck Covers USA

To make your life even easier, Truck Covers USA now offers optional power locking for your American Work Cover. The central locking system comes pre-installed, ready to be wired it and it can be used with your existing remote key fob for your truck. The power actuators installed on your cover feature a high output force for reliable locking and unlocking operation in any conditions. They also feature thermal protectors to help the power actuators from overheating.

The locking mechanism unlocks both the roll cover and the toolbox quickly, so you never have to worry about losing your keys. Never mess around trying to find that one key, and gain access to your truck bed quickly and conveniently.

  • 2 Power actuators for your toolbox and tonneau cover
  • Unlocks using your existing key fob for your truck
  • Actuators come pre-installed and ready for wiring
  • Actuators feature thermal protectors to prevent overheating
  • High output force ensures reliable locking and unlocking

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