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Truck Covers USA Stainless Steel Tray Upgrade


Brand Truck Covers USA

This add on is perfect for anyone looking for a more rust resistant, longer lasting tool tray for their American Work Cover.

The trays that come standard with the toolbox are a powder coated black. If you want something more stylish, or you're a big fan of the stainless steel look or durability, this option is for you. These trays still come with foam rubber hand grips and non-slip bottom tape to prevent them from moving around in the toolbox while you drive. If the powder coating on the standard trays chips or scratches, the metal underneath can rust. Stainless steel is extremely rust resistant through and through because the steel is mixed with nickel


  • Stainless steel looks sharp and clean
  • Extremely rust resistant
  • Replaces the black powder coated trays that come with the unit
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Classy style for your vehicle

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