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TruXedo Edge Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover


Brand TruXedo

Please call 1-855-253-4330 to get pricing for 8 foot truck beds.

The TruXedo Edge Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover offers the perfect combination of cutting edge technology and easy use. The cover installs in under twenty minutes without any drilling with an easy to use clamp system. These clamps secure your cover to the rails that install along the inside of the bed, meaning that the tonneau cover will be compatible with most accessories. Once installed, opening and closing the cover is as simple as rolling or unrolling the top. To secure it closed, simply rotate the cover into the latch assembly by your tailgate and press until it locks. Opening it is just as easy, with a single finger quick release latch located inside your truck bed and on the bottom side of the cover right by the tailgate. When closed, the cover features an arched tailgate design that gives the cover a signature, stylish look that will leave your friends jealous.

Over time, or with changes in climate, soft tonneau covers can lose tension or become too tight, which can cause damage to your cover's vinyl. That's why TruXedo has a built in tension adjuster so that if your cover becomes too loose or starts over tightening, it can be easily adjusted. The adjuster requires no tools, so you can do it on the fly from anywhere, at any time. The TruXedo Edge is a great choice for anyone looking for a high quality, easy to use, cost effective cover.


  • Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover made form cutting edge technology
  • Easy to use with single finger quick latch system
  • Installs in 20 minutes or less with no-drill clamp system
  • Rails install inside your truck bed so cover is compatible with most accessories
  • Adjustable tension control requires no tools to use
  • Arched tailgate design gives Edge a sleek, unique look

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