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WestCan Basic Cab Guard


Brand WestCan

Cab Guards are a must have for any hard working truck, especially is they are made by WestCan. Constructed from high grade structural anodized aluminum tubing, the Basic Cab Guard is lightweight and because there's no steel it will remain free of rust. The aluminum is also extremely durable, able to support a weight of up to 450 pounds. The simplest of designs, the Basic Cab Guard will offer protection for your cab from being damaged by shifting cargo, as well as a place to secure your cargo to. They are also great for hauling overly long loads like ladders or lumber, and will work well in concert with a Rear Rack or Rail Caps

Please note that the Cab Guards do not come with the installation kit. This allows you the versatility of choosing between a Crossover Toolbox Kit or a Standard Installation Kit, ultimately saving you money. All installation kits are no drill in the vast majority of situations, and the hardware is constructed from non-corrosive stainless steel, so your rack will last a long time without any rust. Secondary Hold Down Kits must also be ordered for the unit to function properly. They offer a second anchor point, aside from the installation mounts in the stake pocket holes, to ensure your rack is secure and doesn't wobble around.

  • Constructed from anodized aluminum tubing for lightweight strength and rust proofing
  • Supports up to 450 lbs
  • Designed specifically for each vehicle application
  • Installation kit sold separately (standard or crossover toolbox)
  • Installation comes with non-corrosive stainless steel hardware
  • Easy, no drill installation
  • Offers you another place to secure your cargo to
  • Allows you to carry longer loads like lumber and ladders safely
  • Protects your cab from damage caused by shifting cargo
  • Compatible with rear racks, rail caps
  • Long lasting
  • Requires secondary hold down kit if not installed with WestCan Rail Caps

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