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Wireless Backup Camera with Built in Sensors RVS-5350-W


Brand RVS

This wireless backup camera has built in sensors to display and warn about objects behind your vehicle. The wireless connection eliminates the need to have wiring through your vehicle from the camera to the monitor and with audible warnings and a crystal clear display, you can back up safely. 

Wireless Backup Camera with Built-in Sensors | Auto Truck Depot


  • Sensors built into wireless backup camera
  • Monitor displays distance from objects
  • Wireless connection  eliminates the need for wiring between camera and monitor
  • Backup camera has a 120° view and IP68 weatherproof reading
  • 4.3 TFT LCD monitor displays camera view and distance behind vehicle
  • You can see distance and will receive audible warnings about close objects behind your vehicle

# RVS-5350-W

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