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Wireless Backup Sensor System RVS-114

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Brand RVS

This wireless backup camera system is ideal for commercial vehicles and trailers. The system comes with 4 backup sensors, which mount to the back of your vehicle and connect to the waterproof control box. The control box connects wirelessly to the display at the front of your vehicle, which provides both visual and audible warnings of obstacles behind the vehicle.


  • Commercial grade backup sensor system with durable waterproof control box
  • Ideal for commercial vehicles and trailers
  • Includes 4 backup sensors that mount to the back of the vehicle
  • Sensors connect to control box, which can be mounted inside or outside the vehicle
  • Control box connects wirelessly to display at front of vehicle  
  • The display provides both visual and audible warnings of objects behind vehicle
  • RVS-114 Spec Sheet
  • RVS-114 User Manual

# RVS-114

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